Work Smarter.

We create software that brings simplicity and convenience to the workplace.

From the offices of privately owned chains to departments in public universities, our technologies are relied upon day in & day out to bring key insights to management and to keep office teams on track.

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Our People

Aster Enterprises is a tech company that is based out of Tallahassee Florida.

Larry Weru

Artist. Programmer. Consultant.

Julia Holly

Owner | Design Strategist at JH Creative.
Business Associate

Geo Miller

Software Consultant, Instructor, Researcher. Founder at Codeslam.
Technical Advisor

Robert van Engelen PhD

Professor of Computer Science & Founder Genivia Inc.
Technical Advisor

Susanne Cappendijk - van Engelen MBA, PhD

Neuroscientist | Subject Matter Expert Pharmacology | R&D Management | Key Account Manager | Strategic Financial Leader
Business Advisor & Mentor

301 Gawain Ln. Tallahassee, FL. 32301.

(260) 632-7876

with ♥ from Tallahassee.